Super Kernel (SS) 10 kg

Super Kernal Polished Rice. Clean & Shiney, Ideal for every day cooking . 

Economy Rice (SNF) 25 kg

Ideal for every day cooking . 

Old Super Kernel with 4-5% its own broken.  

Supreme Quality (NF) 25 kg

Available in 25kg bags these are fine supreme quality of Super Kernal Basmati rice polished in our Kalar Rice Mills to perfection.100% satisfaction guranteed.

Sheller Quality Rice (N1+) 50kg

Fine Super Kernel non-polished Excellent quality   Super Kernal Basmati rice. Max Aroma and taste

Kainaat 1121


Kainaat famous for its extra long grain, rich pearl.

We provide one of the best crops of Super Kainaat which has superseded other crops in demand by our customers due to the strength and excellent length of cooked rice.

Steam Rice is one of the longest rice produced in Pakistan.

Famous for commercial use as well as home cook & for special occasions due to its non-sticky, length and non-broken qualities.